​​​​​​​   Nature Coast Art League 


       Community Outreach: 

  This group offers art awards to local graduating high school students who       demonstrate artistic skills.  To that end we show and sell our art works and

    put a percentage  of those proceeds into the student awards fund. 


       Our Mission Statement: 

   To increase public awareness, to promote the visual arts, and to encourage and                  support artists in Hernando County and surrounding areas.

        Who are we?

   Where Are We Located?

How to Create a Page in Facebook


First of all I recommend setting up a business page from your personal profile rather than creating a whole new Facebook account for your business. It's cleaner and easier to manage it this way and rest assured that no-one on your business page will be able to see or access anything on your personal profile. They are totally separate, it just means you can access the admin side of your page from your own profile.

To create a page you can either visit www.facebook.com/pages/create or click on 'create page' which is usually found on the left hand side of your Facebook profile:[how to create a page on facebook]
how to create a page on facebook


Choose a page type that's appropriate for your business. Each 'page type' will give you different information to complete or emphasises different features but it's designed to help your fans to find you and the information they're most interested in. If you do have a physical location I'd choose the 'local business or place' as this will allow you to collect and display reviews of your service or products.

If you sell online then I'd suggest the 'Company, organisation or institution' option. Although if you're products are sold through more than one website or stocked by more than one retailer the 'Brand or product' page is for you.

[facebook page types]

Don't worry too much as you can change your page type later if it's not quite right!


Choose a category that best fits with your industry then complete as much of your 'about' information as possible, making sure to include a link to your website, business address, opening hours, descriptions and contact details to give viewers any information they may need.

Choose a good profile picture (a square picture uploaded at 180 x 180x pixels but displayed at 160 x 160 pixels) that really represents your brand, for example your logo or a picture of you.

In your 'description' try to emphasise exactly who your page / brand is for and how you can help them. This is your 'hello' so it should reflect your brand personality and be used to differentiate you from the competition!


Once you've filled in all the basic information you'll be able to customise your page by adding a good quality cover photo that is at least 851 x 315 pixels.

[changing your cover photo on facebook]

Design an impressive cover photo which is eye-catching and aligned to your branding. I use canva.com to easily design mine.

Just a little tip here - Facebook won't allow cover photo's which are primarily text based (although some wording is fine), anything which infringes on anyone else's copyright or anything too promotional e.g. which includes discounts, prices or really salesy wording.


Create 3 - 5 updates to give your page some content and show potential fans the kind of posts they can expect from you!

Just type into the 'status' box then hit 'publish' to get going. I'd also advise using images where you can by clicking on the little camera symbol in the left hand corner of the status box and uploading a picture to your posts. Posts with images get over 50% more engagement!

[posting an update to your facebook page]

Here's a few post examples:

1) "Welcome to my new Facebook page! I'm going to be sharing x, y and z with you over the coming weeks and look forward to connecting with you on here!"

2) Share a pic of one of your products or a sneak peak of something your working on and ask potential new fans what they think?

3) "Sipping tea out of my favourite mug and eating caramel digestives whilst finishing off my new website! What do you like with your tea....?"


Invite as many friends and family to 'like' your page as possible. Even though they are your nearest and dearest their followers may see their interactions with your page so this will give you a starting point to build up your fans from![invite your friends to like your page]
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